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What’s the best portable charger for iPhone 11?

If you need to keep in touch all day long, the portable devices for charging your smartphone, for example iPhone, and other equipment should get your attention. iPhone 11 has its own specific and as lots of models from this line, need regular charging for excellent work. If you really need quick charging in any situation, without access to the socket, you have to look at a portable power bank models for iPhone 11. They’ll help you to stay in touch in extraordinary situation.

Looking for a portable charger for your new iPhone 11

If you’re looking for an universal for any situations devise for your iPhone, which could be useful for a long time, you need to form your own criteria, what portable charger for iPhone 11 will be the most suitable for you. To find our perfect model you have to answer these following questions. 

  • How often do you need a portable battery charger or a power bank usually?
  • Where do you plan to charge your device (in the office, car or elsewhere)?
  • In what situations do you need a charger (during outdoor activities or traveling, at home, on the move etc).

These quick answers can help you to find the proper model of a portable charger for your new iPhone 11, which will be perfect for your needs. Among great variety of options, you can understand what kind of portable charger is right for you. 

How to find and buy the best portable charger for iPhone 11?

For example, let’s have a look through such popular model of portable charger for all iPhone 11 models, as Anker Power Core III Fusion (5K). It’s optimal if you need a good reliable gadget which you can to charge overnight and afterwards pack up and carry with you during the all busy day. What technical parameters does it have? The main of them are:

  • This device recharges quickly via USB-C port or fold-out AC plug, and it offers fairly fast charging for two devices at the same time on the USB-C and USB-A ports.
  • 5 000 mAh capacity. This is still enough to fully charge most iPhone models, and iPhone 11, twice or more.
  • If you’re looking for portable charger of optimal capacity, that’s your option.

The best portable charger iPhone 11 should meet these parameters. If it’s so, you don’t have to worry about a level of charge of your phone for a long time.

An Important point to know: do you can charge your iPhone 11 wirelessly?

It’s an actual question for almost all iPhone 11 users is about opportunity of wireless charging of their device. Your iPhone 11 and 11 Pro supports wireless charging technology. When actually it comes to wireless charging, Apple wasn’t the first. Android handsets adopted this innovative technology before Apple had implemented it.

Why this information may be important for you? If you is an owner of an iPhone 11 or later, simply line up the Apple logo on the back of your phone with your wireless charger. And  you’ll need to align the middle of the  smartphone with a charging mat. Just like wired charging, you’ll see your phone light up letting you know charging has already begun. Wireless charging works with most cases, but if you have a thicker heavy duty one it may run into some troubles.

What you have to know about opportunity to charge your iPhone 11 wirelessly? As any new technology, wireless charge has its own problems. Typically it doesn’t charge as fast as wired charging, so you won’t be able to use a smartphone and charge it simultaneously. And if you happen to not align the charging mat and your iPhone 11 before bed? You’ll likely looking at a nearly dead device in the morning. You should also avoid wireless charging if you have a case with plenty credit cards, chips or something like that. The wireless charging with such items could damage them.

What you really need for the fastest recharging?

For rather fast charging you need a gadget with a power output of 18W via the USB-C port, this small charger delivers the maximum power for most devices, including the iPhone 11. There are some phones that require more power for fast charging, including the iPhone 12, which needs all 20 watts for charging fast, but mainly you need this power your juice up your phone in fast conditions.

What’s not useful, when you’re looking for portable wireless charger for iPhone 11? The thing you have to know is that buying a high-wattage portable charger for iPhone 11 is useless unless. In the case of the iPhone 11, the maximum input that it’s able to take is 22.5. That’s why  buying a charger with an output more 30 watt to fast-charge the iPhone 11 is not useful at all.

Finally, what’s the best portable charger for using with iPhone 11?

You should easily use your new portable charger with iPhone 11 in any situation of your dynamic active  life, during traveling, walking, working out of the office, playing with children etc. And don’t worry about the level of your battery. As long as the charger you pick is from a renowned brand, offers PD charging, and has a minimum power of 18W, you can be sure that your iPhone 11 will charge faster than the one that comes in the box. Ideally, the better options are chargers in the 24W – 30W range since they ensure the average output of 22.5 W. 

With the best portable charger for iPhone 11 you can receive the freedom of communication and peace of mind about the level of your phone battery during working, travelling and enjoying your life. The best portable charger for iPhone 11 can make you professional and personal life better.